HEELA Institute for Research and Development is a nonprofit organization striving for sustainable human development by promoting gender equality, women empowerment, peace building, art, culture, education, environment and better health. The network includes professionals, students, university faculty members, media activists and senior experts / analysts on social and political issues of the country. The network’ members are committed to collaborate with each other through their oragnisational and individual platforms and communication channels to produce research, dialogue and provide policy analysis for promoting innovative and sustainable program solutions based on indigenous wisdom and social frameworks for human development.   

HEELA is registered under the Trust Act 1880 with Registrar Islamabad Capital Administration since 2016. It was founded by Zaheer Abbas Maseed- a civil society activist from Waziristan and his sisters to help him with implementation of his leadership work for Pakistan’s newly merged tribal districts (NMDs), formerly known as Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). 


Develop the human factor for a sustainable peace.


HEELA’s mission is to promote community participation and accountability by exploring the best possible ways and mechanisms to promote and sustain peace. It seeks to promote nonviolence, gender equality, women empowerment, indigenous art and culture, healthcare and access to information and knowledge as the pathways to achieve and sustain peace at every level. HEELA believes that gender equitable and environment friendly economic growth and development of the society is inevitable for a peaceful and gender just society. It is therefore the reason for HEELA’s focus on areas affected proportionately by conflict, militancy and natural disasters.